Company development and history
HKT todayFrom 1952 to the mid 1990's, Hohenloher Spulenkörperfabrik concentrated primarily on the development and production of coil formers. The increased demand for customised products led to many new technological developments and these opened up opportunities for the company in new market areas. In 1997, the company was renamed Hohenloher Kunststofftechnik (HKT), meaning Hohenloher Plastics Technology. The new company name was now in line with the company's future direction and the way was further opened for the development of new markets.
Development steps:
HKT in the 1950'sOriginally, paper-based laminate and pressboard were used for the production of coil formers. We introduced plastic injection moulding technology in the early 1960s. Of course, we are familiar with the specific requirements of the relevant industries and meet these requirements due to our quality procedures and process workflow.
Wire insertion technology was introduced and perfected for large-scale production and has been in use for over 30 years.It was supplemented by the introduction of pin insertion technology. Both technologies are still used in the in the area of thermoplastics and thermoset materials moulding.
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Low cost standard bobbins
As a consequence of our partnership with suppliers in East-Asia we have the possibility to offer and deliver standard bobbins in larger quantities against low prices...
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Thermoplastic parts
High precision parts made of thermoplastic material Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts
Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts
Thermoset parts
High precision parts made of thermoset material Thermoset parts Thermoset parts