Materials science
Many years of experience in the field of thermosetting and thermoplastics materials processing make us a competent partner. We constantly keep abreast of new developments in raw materials. We review on a regular basis, together with our customers, whether these new developments can be used.
Today, we use many high-quality materials.
Thermosetting materials include EP, DAP, PF and UP. With their electrical and thermal characteristics they are generally superior to those of thermoplastics, and make thermosetting materials very innovative.
Our thermoplastic materials include ABS, PA, POM, PBT, PP, PC, PPS, PS, PES, PET, PPA, PPO, PSO and LCP, etc.
We are UL-certified and use UL-listed materials if the customer wishes so.
Low cost standard bobbins
As a consequence of our partnership with suppliers in East-Asia we have the possibility to offer and deliver standard bobbins in larger quantities against low prices...
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Thermoplastic parts
High precision parts made of thermoplastic material Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts
Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts
Thermoset parts
High precision parts made of thermoset material Thermoset parts Thermoset parts