HKT has built up its competencies with the development and production of standard bobbins. Next to our customer specific solutions, we also offer a great selection of standard bobbins for different applications and markets.
The following types of bobbins are available:

  • RM
  • EP
  • RM for power applications
  • M
  • EI
  • UI
  • EE
  • Potcore bobbins

  • Traditionally our RM and EP bobbins are made of thermoset material with inmoulded pins, which offer many advantages in compare with the post inserted pin bobbins being produced in low cost countries. Of course HKT is able to supply you these versions as well.
    Our lines of M, EI, UI and EI bobbins are being produced out of Polyamid 6, mostly 30% glass filled, like for instance Durethan nature. The housings are in black. The bobbins for potcores are made of black Valox 420SeO.
    Of course we are also able to produce any other material on your request, however, due to some different basic charateristics of the resins, minor deviations may occur. We would be pleased to receive your inquiries.
    Standard bobbins
    Low cost standard bobbins
    As a consequence of our partnership with suppliers in East-Asia we have the possibility to offer and deliver standard bobbins in larger quantities against low prices...
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    Thermoplastic parts
    High precision parts made of thermoplastic material Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts
    Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts
    Thermoset parts
    High precision parts made of thermoset material Thermoset parts Thermoset parts