From the idea to the product
You have an idea. We, as your partner, can make it happen. Together with you, we will implement it at optimum cost, in such a way that is adapted to your further-processing steps. You take advantage of our knowledge and competence, not only on to the field of geometry, but also on the field of material, moulds , packaging and logistics. Wherever you are on this world, we deliver. Our goal is to cooperate with you to achieve the highest level of integration.
Competence and experience
Skilled staff, who constantly seek to enhance their experience and knowledge, are our most important asset. Good organisation and further training in line with customer needs enables the successful cooperation. We implement all possible and necessary improvements at the earliest stage. This mentality for continuous improvement is part of the mission of our company and allows us to respond quickly to your requirements.
Customer orientation
You, the customer, are the focus of our efforts. As a technical service provider, we realise that success can be assured only with customer orientation put into practice day in and day out. This includes usefull advice, flexibility and responsiveness to special requirements, uncomplicated and transparent cooperation, reliable delivery of course.
Our service
Low cost standard bobbins
As a consequence of our partnership with suppliers in East-Asia we have the possibility to offer and deliver standard bobbins in larger quantities against low prices...
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Thermoplastic parts
High precision parts made of thermoplastic material Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts
Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts Thermoplastic parts
Thermoset parts
High precision parts made of thermoset material Thermoset parts Thermoset parts