Thermoset, material of the future?
Thermoset material has different images: Either they are seen as oldfashioned and are not comparable with currently available high end thermoplastics, or they are highly valued as with new developments in the automotive industry.
At universities and colleges there are only very few learning programs about thermosets. "We won't use old fashioned materials when there are modern, much better thermoplastics available". This you will hear often talking about thermosets. But, have you ever thought about the benefits for your new products using modern thermosets, which are more and more used in the automotive industry?
Apart from the price advantages, many more benefits should be taken into account:
HKT has the know how to build tools for thermoset parts and we know how to mould and treat complicated parts. We will support you to select the appropriate material for your applications.
Please feel free to contact us. We will answer your questions.
More information about thermoset materials:
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